Australian Legal Education Awards

Celebrating excellence in Australian Legal Education

Nominations are now closed. Thank you

Applications are now invited for the inaugural Australian Legal Education Awards (ALEA), established in 2021 by the Council of Australian Law Deans (CALD) and the Legal Education Associate Deans (LEAD) Network as a prestigious national award scheme for legal educators.

Nominations are to be submitted via attachment to an email to and close on Wednesday 4 August 2021 at 11:59pm.

The 2021 ALEA scheme offers awards in five categories:

1. Excellence in Teaching

2. Excellence in Teaching (Early Career)

3. Excellence in Teaching (Sessional)

4. Excellence in Teaching (Engagement)

5. Excellence in Research Supervision

In addition, the ALEAs seek to honour sustained contribution to legal education over a period of at least 25 years through the Outstanding Career Achievement Award, which is assessed by CALD.

- A full information pack is available HERE (updated 16 July 2021).

- The nomination form for the five award categories is available HERE (updated 16 July 2021).

- The nomination form for the Outstanding Career Achievement Award is available HERE (updated 16 July 2021).

- Resources for Deans and Associate Deans – Education or equivalent are also provided in a:

1. PowerPoint (updated 16 July 2021) (click here) and 

2. Poster/ flyer formats (updated 16 July 2021) (click here)

* note the FAQ below - this will be added to as required.

Please send any inquiries to

If further assistance is required you may also contact a LEAD Co-convenor or the LEAD Project Officer.

Frequently asked questions:

Does ‘sessional’ include a fixed term academic?  

A teacher with a sessional contract or a fixed term contract of less than 12 months can apply for category 3. Excellence in Teaching (Sessional). A teacher employed on a continuing basis or on a fixed term contract of one year or more should apply for either category 1. Excellence in Teaching or 2. Excellence in Teaching (Early Career) based on the eligibility criteria regarding length of service for these categories.

Can law schools submit a joint nomination for the Outstanding Career Achievement Award?

Yes, so long as both institutions are members of CALD. If one law school is a member of CALD and the other is not, the CALD member should prepare the nomination and the other law school may provide evidence for the nomination.

Career breaks due to, for example, parental leave

Nominees for categories with time periods specified in the eligibility criteria including the Excellence in Teaching (Early Career) award may exclude periods of substantial leave, such as maternity or parental leave, from the career duration period. Nominees should address career duration in the application, specifying periods on leave and confirming, as an example, an active career of 3-5 years for the Early Career category.