Past meetings

Details of past meetings and related documents will be placed here.

6 April 2018 - Sydney

A meeting was held at the UNSW Faculty of Law, Sydney. It was hosted by LEAD Co-convenor Judith Marychurch (Melbourne Law). The Network is very appreciative and grateful  for catering support provided by the UNSW Faculty of Law.

22 September 2017 - Melbourne

The Network held a meeting at Melbourne University Law School, Melbourne, Victoria. The meeting was hosted by LEAD Co-convenor Judith Marychurch, Assistant Dean, Teaching and Learning, Melbourne Law. At this meeting previous Co-convenor Tania Leiman stepped down after taking on the role of Dean at Flinders Law. With a position vacant, Mandy Shircore from James Cook was unanimously elected by attendees to be a co-convenor in 2018. Thank you Mandy!

26 September 2016 - Adelaide

The Network held a meeting at Flinders University Law School, Adelaide, South Australia. The meeting was hosted by LEAD Co-convenor Tania Leiman, Associate Dean at Flinders Law School. Presentations were delivered by Mary Heath (Flinders)  and Natalie Skead (UWA) on updates to the Smart Casual Project; from Maxine Evers (UTS) on disruptive technology, the role impact on the legal profession and the ongoing relevance of the Priestley  11; and by Julian Laurens (UNSW) on technology and assessment and the E-exams trial at UNSW Law.

11 April 2016 - Fremantle

The Network held a meeting at the University of Notre Dame Australia (Fremantle) hosted by Lead Co-convenor Joan Squelch, Associate Dean at Notre Dame Law.

16 July 2015 - Melbourne

The Network held a meeting at Melbourne Law School hosted by Judith Marychurch. The meeting was  well attended with representatives from 20 Australian law schools. Topics discussed included the LACC review of the Priestley 11 for the purposes of admission to the legal profession; developing the professional relationship between LEAD, CALD and other Networks/Organisations focused on legal education and research; assessment practices to maintain academic integrity; policy and curriculum responses that can meet challenges posed by the changing job market; challenges posed by online learning.

27 March 2015 - Sydney

The Network held a meeting at UNSW Law School convened by Alex Steel (UNSW). A key focus was on issues of statutory interpretation.

26 September 2014 - Sydney

The Network held a meeting at UNSW Law School convened by Alex Steel (UNSW). The meeting generated considerable ideas for Network activities in 2015, including developing surveys and studies of benefit to legal education.

10 July 2014  - Gold Coast

The Network held a meeting at Bond University Law School on the Gold Coast Convened by Melissa de Zwart (Adelaide). Particular topics explored included teaching statutory interpretation, the role of technology in the classroom, technology as an aid in grading, and assessment, grade distribution and feedback. A presentation on the Smart Casual project was given by Assoc Prof Mary Heath.

5 February 2014 - Brisbane

A Network meeting was held at the Queensland University of Technology Law School in Brisbane. Convened by Judith McNamarra, discussion included Honours, Masters and the AQF and the internationalisation of the law school curriculum.

29 September 2013 - Canberra

A Network meeting was held at the ANU College of Law in Canberra to coincide with the annual ALTA conference. Convened by Alex Steel, key discussion areas included the role of LSSSE surveys in Australia, assessment and grade distribution and Masters degrees and the AQF.

12 April 2013 - UNSW - Law Curriculum Futures Roundtable

The Law Curriculum Futures Roundtable is hosted by the Law AD Netowrk and UNSW Law. It will be held from 10am to 4pm at UNSW Law School. The Guest Speaker is Prof Judith Wegner, Burton Craige Professor of Law, University of North Carolina, Distinguished Legal Education Fellow UNSW Law. The Topic was 'Curriculum review/reform across Australia and in comparison to the US'.

21-22 February 2013 - Melbourne

This networking event took place in the National Wellness for Law Forum to canvass the extent to which law schools nationally are engaging with student wellness issues. The forum also launched the CALD guidelines by Prof Paula Baron. Details of the forum are here:

15 February 2013 - Adelaide

This was a networking event within the Teaching Research Nexus in Law: Opportunities and Challenges. Members are invited to join the symposium in  particular: Collaborative Workshop: Participate in a brainstorm of legal education issues in need of further exploration, and a discussion of participants' areas of research interest, with the intention of facilitating further collaborative projects.  The aim of this was for the network to capture issues considered relevant to our colleagues nationally. This assisted the network to support research into legal education.

6 December 2012 - Melbourne

A Law AD Network Meeting was held at the Monash University Law Chambers (Melbourne CBD) on Thursday 6 December 2012 from 9am-5pm. The theme was: 'Mapping and Designing Contemporary Law Curriculum: Sharing Practice'. View agenda.

1 July 2012 - Sydney

In July 2012 the Network meeting was arranged to coincide with the ALTA conference at the University of Sydney. The focus of the meeting was assessing legal skills and discused the development of methods for skills assessment in law school.

29 November 2011 - Gold Coast

In November 2011 Bond University hosted the AD Network meeting which focussed on student wellbeing issues in the law curriculum.