This page features links to blogs that are relevant to legal education, and have an Australian focus, though all jurisdictions are considered. If you have any suggestions please email Project Officer Julian Laurens by clicking here.



Launched by a group of UNSW Law academics in 2013 as a platform for educators, professionals, students and scholars to discuss issues around legal education in Australia. Lawschoolvibe aims to share information and provoke debate around the challenges facing modern law schools, such as mental health, the legal job market and best practice teaching methods.

S|M|i|L|E - Social Media in Legal Education

S|M|i|L|E is a new collaborative project involving Australian legal academics. It was begun in July 2014 after discussion  between Kate Galloway, Melissa Castan, Melissa De Zwart and Kristoffer Greaves at the 2014 Australasian Law Teachers Association conference. The project aims to promote and support the integration of social media into legal education.

As at November 2021 this project does not seem to be running. Currently seeking where files have been archived.


This blog is by Kate Galloway, Associate Professor at Bond University and one of the original Project Leads for the Legal Education Associate Deans Network. In addition to looking at property law, women and the law and contemporary legal issues, Kate regularly blogs about legal education, a topic on which she is also recognised as a leading scholar.

Curl has now been archived. Kate is continuing to Blog over at

Amicae Curiae

A substantial Australian blog that provides discussion of a number of areas to do with law, gender, society and the profession. In particular the blog has a section that looks at legal education and related matters. Run by Melissa Castan at Monash. A key resource of the blog is that it provides links to a considerable number of other Australian law blogs (not necessarily ones that deal with legal education). 


This well established Australian blog is by Kristoffer Greaves. In focuses particularly on practical legal education.

Wellness for Law Blog

The Wellness Network for Law is made up of legal academics, practitioners and students who are concerned with addressing the high levels of psychological distress experienced in law and promoting wellness at law school, in the legal academy, and in the legal profession. Kate Galloway and Melissa Castan currently provide admin.

The Mermaid's Purse Blog

'Teaching law students in law school before they become baby sharks'. Contributed to by Andrew Henderson and Andrew Ray.

Very active as of November 2021. Lots of practical resources and discussion about approaches to teaching law, lesson planning, theories of learning and similar. Discussion around other aspects of legal education such as the role of technology, online learning, education conferences and some broader aspects of teaching and learning policy.