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Resources for Remote Learning

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, a number of law schools are considering moving to various forms of ' 'remote' teaching and learning. The term 'remote' learning is used instead of 'online' learning as online learning describes an organised and planned delivery of material. 'Remote' learning indicates a quicker less structured approach in responses to sudden changes to a face to face method for example, to maintain learning outcomes.

While some law schools have a history of 'online' learning, for others this is new territory requiring new problem solving approaches. Regardless of experience of the institution, issues around the delivery of content online and assessment of students who engage remotely are ongoing matters for all. The purpose of this section is to identify and present helpful information, teaching resources and commentary on 'remote learning' for academics to assist you in thinking and planning in the current climate. This is very much a crowd sourced resource and LEAD thanks Melissa Castan from Monash for getting it started. You are encouraged to provide the LEAD co-convenors with further resources that you have found beneficial in your practice to share with members and expand this repository.

Some general info on working remotely:

Article: New to working remotely? These resources can help (LinkedIn Learning) (12 March 2020)

Article: How to make working from home a success and what you can claim on tax in Australia (SBS News)

Article: Five straightforward tips for a better work-from-home experience (Australasian Lawyer, 26 March 2020)

Article: Using Microsoft Teams to get working remotely quickly (Hayden Sinclair, The College of Law, 25 March 2020)

Videos: Productivity tips for working from home. Part of a series on Yotube by Emma Heuston, The Remote Expert (16 March 2020)

Working from home and wellness:

Video: Working from home and mental health. Emma Heuston, The Remote Expert (17 March 2020)

Video: How to prevent burnout and look after yourself in practice (Desi Vlahos, The College of Law)

Article: How to stay fit and active at home during the coronavirus self-isolation (The Conversation, 26 March 2020)

Article: 5 ways to draw the line between work and the rest of life (Florence Thum, The College of Law)

Article: Mindfulness in Law with Fiona Caulley - Happy Lawyer Happy Life (The College of Law)

From the United States - education focus:

The Faculty Lounge: Tips for Teaching Law Classes Online in the Event of a COVID-19 Shut Down of Law Schools (7 March 2020)

Teach Law Better: Creating a COVID-19 Contingency Plan for Potential Course Interruption (6 March 2020)

Stanford University: Stanford Health Alerts: Response to COVID-19 (provides some key ideas as to how they have responded going back a couple of weeks now. Lots of other instructions on how to prepare to teach and learn remotely).

Stanford University: Messaging to Staff

Harvard: Some basic information on working remotely .

And see especially from Harvard:

Harvard: Teaching Remotely with Zoom: FAQ and Instructions

American Bar Association: How law students can find success in online classes (16 March 2020)

Australian material:

The Wellness Network for Law  has been Tweeting and sharing an increasing amount of material relevant to teaching remotely, including mental health considerations. Check out the blog HERE. Some highlights include:

- The tweet by Kate Galloway showing her EXCELLENT info graphic she created to identify some strategies for university lecturers to begin teaching remotely. You can also see that by clicking HERE. (15 March 2020)

- The thread by Anna Spargo-Ryan on being an online-only teacher, and providing some tips on creating a positive learning environment for first timers (12 March 2020): see here as well:

Professor Stephen Colbran, Dean at Central Queensland Law has put together an excellent blog post titled Managing an Online Law School in Response to Covid 19 (19 March 2020). Check that out here: . There are some great tips and it is definitley worth looking at some of his other posts around online law teaching and learning more generally for further ideas!