Law TLO's (LLB)

Bachelor of Laws Learning and Teaching Academic Standards Statement

The Law (LLB) threshold learning outcomes were published as an ALTC project, authored by Sally Kift, Mark Israel and Rachael Field in December 2010 (ISBN: 978-1-921856-33-4 ).

Briefly, the TLO's are:

TLO 1: Knowledge
TLO 2: Ethics and Professional Responsibility
TLO 3: Thinking Skills
TLO 4: Research Skills
TLO 5: Communication and Collaboration
TLO 6: Self-management

These are explained in detail in the FULL TLO document. In addition, the Legal Education Associate Deans Network commissioned 'Good Practice Guides' which explore these TLO's in greater depth and their practice application.

Download LLB TLO from CALD site (PDF)

Law TLO's (JD)

Following the adoption of LLB TLO's, a sub-committee was formed, drawing in part from interested members of the Legal Education Assoi Network, and a set of JD TLO's were developed. These were endorsed by CALD in March 2012.

Download JD TLO from CALD site (PDF)