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Wellness Network for Law (Australia)

http://wellnessforlaw.com/     (Australia)

Australian and American research indicates that for many law students, symptoms of psychological distress begin early in law school and continue throughout their study of law and into their working lives.

The Wellness Network for Law is a community of legal academics, practitioners and students who are committed to: first, addressing the high levels of psychological distress experienced in law; and second, promoting wellness at law school, in the legal academy, and in the profession.

The Network seeks to achieve these aims through supporting a deeper understanding of the onset and causes of psychological distress, as well as through the development of strategies for preventing and ameliorating distress, and for fostering wellbeing, within law schools and the profession.

Of particular note are the National Wellness for Law Forums held around the country: http://wellnessforlaw.com/forums/ 

See also in the UK:

http://www.wellnessforlawuk.org/    (UK)